I’d like to share with you a few ways to raise vibration level so please stay with me!

Everything in the universe is energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. The frequency of vibration determines our well-being and the level of development of our consciousness. The higher the vibration frequency, the clearer is our perception and the greater the internal harmony.

Sometimes staying in low vibration is a part of an important process that is used to enter a higher level. We should not negate this state, but feel it, and release energies that do not serve us, since we have matured to purify them. But it up to us whether we are stuck with them or decide to rise to the next level.

Factors that lower your vibration:

  • Poor quality food – full of preservatives, food colourants, GMOs, meat, dairy products, gluten. The degree of resistance to these types of foods is individual. It harms harder one person, others a little less
  • Stimulants – alcohol, nicotine, drugs, etc.
  • TV watching – television focuses on giving negative information about the world, which often aims at manipulating human consciousness
  • Complaining – by focusing on what we do not like in our lives and constantly talking and thinking about it, we attract more of that in our lives
  • Staying with people who are constantly complaining, criticizing and accusing others – it is best to leave such company, and if that is not possible, try to change the topic to a more positive one or try to emphasize the positive aspects of the subject

Factors increasing the vibration level:

  • Physical activity – endorphins are produced during physical activity; the happiness hormones that raise the level of our vibration.
  • Being in a state of gratitude – in every situation and every circumstance of life we are able to find the aspects and things that we enjoy and for which we can be grateful.
  • Laughter – Raises the level of our vibrations instantly and improves the mood of others around us.
  • Music – nowadays there is a huge variety of music that increases our vibrations. Everybody can find something for themselves. You have a great selection from Tibetan bowls to electronic music. The solfeggio sounds were recognized in antiquity for sacred vibrations, which lead to unity with the source.
  • Having a personal “rescue box” with a collection of things that raise our vibrations, such as inspirational photos, videos, quotes.
  • Action for your own development – even if (and even especially!) it is related to getting out of your comfort zone, doing things that feel uncomfortable or frightening at first. After each step, the initial discomfort changes in the sense of power, satisfaction and broadening of our perspective.
  • Contact with nature – Staying in Nature purifies and harmonizes us because it is our natural environment and we are Gaja’s children.
  • Meditation / being here and now / conscious breathing – By focusing on the now, we go beyond the mind with its overlays, programs and beliefs, by which we let ourselves lower our vibrations.
  • Surround yourself with people who function on high vibration – and here I would like to share with you my experience.

I have experienced extremely difficult situations in my life, which for some time overwhelmed me. For example an accident, as a result of which I damaged my spine, and for some time I could not walk on my own, a toxic relationship, being stuck in an unhealthy situation that greatly reduced my level of freedom. I crossed myself out thinking that my life was already lost and I just hoped that life would soon be over and I could finally die and disappear from this planet.

At some point in my life, I made an internal decision that despite the circumstances (which I called negative but they were only tools for my development) I want to grow and broaden my consciousness. Since then, miracles have begun. My health has improved. Teachers and masters began to appear. The people I resonate with, who inspired me and led me towards light and development.

At one point in my life, SFM appeared.

The company and the community with which I immediately felt resonance at a deep level. It was absolutely amazing because I’m not the kind of person who is interested in marketing! I am an artistic type who is more attracted to art and the creative world than marketing strategies. But following the inner voice of intuition, I soon realized that SFM was not just marketing, but rather an organization of people focused on an extraordinary mission which was to wake people and give them the support, structure and tools they need in the process of changing consciousness, finding their spiritual goal and create the lifestyle of their dreams.

Being in touch with people so honest, full of gratitude and modesty who at the same time are so empowered and have a deep sense of mission in assisting people in the process of transition fascinates and inspires me and keeps me on high vibration level.

Journey with SFM is a path of spiritual and personal development.

When we start to wake up and pick a new direction in life, we need a company of people with whom we resonate, who will strengthen and inspire us in our journey instead of cutting our wings.

If you feel that you are ready to go on the path of quick self-development and want to have a positive influence on the transformation of the world join us and I am sure you will love this extraordinary experience!

Join us and find out how amazing the adventure of recovering your own freedom can be.

Or maybe you could just share how you deal with low vibration level? I’m sure that I can learn something from you!

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Thank you for your attention!