As we know, an aura is an energy field surrounding everything that is alive. Nowadays, scientists agree that everyone is surrounded by an energy field consisting of layers. But do you know that you can also learn how to perceive the aura?

The first, ethereal layer of the aura is the easiest to see. Just a little practice. It is close to the body and emanates intense light.

The second astral layer of the aura is more dispersed and occupies a larger area around the body.
Aura can occur in many colours which can blend and change depending on many factors.

Perceiving an aura is not a paranormal ability but a natural skill that we can train. However, we have various blocks and beliefs that prevent us from doing so. The effective training of perceiving the aura is also connected with personal and spiritual development. It is advisable to perform a cleansing of the pineal gland, for example, by drinking a soda solution.

Our brain is programmed to skip information that is irrelevant to us or we do not believe is true. That’s why we have to convince it to recognize this information as desirable for us and to develop a sense that we have not used almost all our lives.

The state of the human aura among other things reflects the mood, personality, state of health, stage of spiritual development. When we have the ability to perceive the energy envelope we are able to see the true nature of beings and their intentions. We are able to discern the origins of various abnormalities in the body that can transform into an illness. A new, intriguing world of colours and dimensions to explore opens up for us.

The 6th chakra is responsible for the perception of aura – it is called the “third eye“. It is inactive in most people and in order to activate it, you first have to mature to do it, then use your intention and put in an effort. Through regular work on the third eye, meditation, and the relevant techniques we have chosen to open the third eye, we are able to develop the ability to perceive the energy.

I began training the ability to see the aura about 3 months ago. I was amazed how quickly I achieved some effects. At first, I was only able to see a luminous glow around objects, people and animals. It extends about 1.2 cm around the body or objects.

Then I trained perceiving colours of aura. I placed an object in an intense colour against the background of a light wall about 2 m from me and stared at it using a technique that I will describe in a moment. At first, I only saw a bright glow but after a few moments of looking, I was able to see a colourful aura stretching from a few to several centimetres.

This way I discovered that a purple towel emanates gold-yellow light. Banana has a bright blue-violet field, pink colour has a vigorous green aura and a carrot has a pale green field. I was surprised at how energetic and vibrant the colours are!

It’s really exciting!

Once when I was training I saw a series of purple light balls coming out of the chakra of the third eye, away from me and blurring in space. After one sphere had disappeared another would emerge.

I still wasn’t able to see the full aura of a human, but there were times when the glow around the body stretched and took colours. The effects are promising and I’m going to practice until I can easily see the energy field of everything that surrounds me. I am truly fascinated by this skill and I have written this article to encourage you to train the perception of the aura because I believe that the perception of energy is one of the natural human skills that have been identified as paranormal but are in reality natural!

How to train a perception of aura?

Basic technic:

Place an object of intense bright colour against a light background (preferably a white wall). It is important not to have intense light in your eyes. At first, it is easiest to train in a room with drawn curtains.

Be relaxed and focused.

Try to look at the item with a side view (a little to the side where you would normally look). Try to look at the object while seeing the space in the vicinity of its outline. Try to look at the item indirectly by focusing more on the space behind or beside the item.

The third eye opening technique according to Robert Bruce:

Focus on the place where the sixth chakra is and use your mental power to lift it up without moving any muscle. It’s like visualizing the opening of the third eye. Do this exercise many times while watching the aura and your third eye will be stimulated to open up.

If you have never tried to learn to perceive aura join me and let’s learn together! You can contact me on facebook if you have any questions or would like to share your experiences.

I wish you an amazing day!

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