In this short article, I would like to share my story with you and invite you to do a quick test to check your intuition.

First of all, we have to define what intuition is.

The word “intuition” comes from the Latin “intueri” – to watch, to observe.

Our intuition is the voice of our internal wisdom and its goal is to guide us through life. As children of the Western civilisation, we are trained to listen to our minds, not our intuition. Intuition speaks to us through feelings, flashes of thoughts or sensations in our body. Intuition is associated with the right cerebral hemisphere, which is responsible for imagination and feelings.

Western civilisation heavily relies on logic and we are not thought to listen to our inner voice. Instead, we are thought to calculate profits in our minds ignoring the whispers of our personal compass.

When we start learning to listen to our intuition its voice is initially subtle but over time it becomes louder and we gain the certainty that this voice is worth following.

To listen to your intuition you must try to go beyond your mind! Our mind is constantly working like a washing machine, which constantly wants to wash the content. Similarly, our minds constantly process the input instead of focusing on the moment, on here and now. Staying in the mind, we are not able to receive some signals, hints or signs coming from our intuition, the body and the universe. What’s more, we lose the beauty and value of the moment, which passes unnoticed with all its untapped potential.

Learning to listen to your intuition is a process of learning how to trust yourself. We have to go beyond the mind which is trained to believe only in logic and skilful juggling of information and develop a whole new ability contrary to what the society tells us. To be able to do it we need to be courageous!

To better receive signals from your own intuition you have to start practising how to be present at the moment. This is best done by focusing on the colours around you, the smells, the sensations of your body and also conscious breathing. Meditation can be very helpful in this. Trust your first impression as it usually has its source in your intuition. Focus on what you feel not only about what you think.

I began listening to the voice of my intuition a few years ago. At first, I experienced many situations where I would ignore my intuition and choose a solution that would not serve me well and lead me to trouble. As a result, I learnt that I should trust myself and listen to my inner voice.

A few years ago, when I had to choose a nursery for my daughter, I trusted other people’s opinion and logical calculations of my brain. But right before the first semester started I was being haunted by a distinctly unpleasant feeling that something was not right. When on the first day I took my daughter to the nursery and really tuned into the atmosphere of the place I was devastated. Too much stimulation, too much negligence, too crowded. The funny thing is that I had visited that place before but I ignored all impulses coming from my intuition. I came to the conclusion that I could no longer ignore it so I took my baby away from there and we never came back again.

I started looking for a new place and very soon found a cosy, really pleasant nursery which my daughter happily attended for almost 2 years. I felt inner peace from the beginning, and it seemed like it was an appropriate place.

Now listening to my intuition comes much easier. I have trained a lot!

Some time ago I was watching a video on YouTube when suddenly an ad popped out. I usually ignore ads but this time something caught my attention. I watched it until the end and I thought: ‘Wow!’ I wrote down the name and a few days later I went to the Six Figure Mentors website and started looking around.

I immediately fell in love with the founders Stuart and Jay and was delighted to hear about their mission and the community they had created. The most beautiful thing about this experience was that I completely trusted my intuition, which did not whisper quietly, but shouted loudly: “Yes! This is the next step on your path!”

I signed up for the 7-day video series and every day I received an email with a video where Stuart Ross talked about his mission and the community he had created to wake people up. He was determined to make people aware that they did not have to live like slaves in the Matrix system. What’s more, he was providing them with tools and tips on how they could transform their lives into works of art they had always dreamt about.

My intuition did not lead me astray. After completing the 7 days free series I joined the SFM and what I discovered did not only disappoint me but it exceeded my all my expectations.

Now I would like to offer you a chance to test your intuition.
Click the link and try to listen to what your intuition is telling you.

Is it good for you?
Is it true?
Are these the people and energies that I want to hang out with?
Am I ready for that?

If your intuition says YES please do not wait and do not waste this opportunity! I hope you have an amazing adventure in the transformation of your life as I have had!

It was a pleasure to speak to you.

Good luck!

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