Do you believe in the transformative power of support and sharing stories?


I do. And I have to admit – I’m truly fascinated by the transformative power of support. I perceive support as a lifting power which lifts you up like a wave towards your highest potential.

Stay with me and I will reveal a story of how support saved my life.


Everything began


…when I had an accident and lost connection with my own body. It was a really dark night of the soul. Everything that I was taking for granted suddenly was taken away from me.

My body didn’t listen to me and I was in pieces. I couldn’t leave my bed by myself and the doctors were saying that it was possible that my body would never recover.

Some time passed and my health improved.

I know for sure that if it was not for the support and help of others I met on the way, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I met beings on the way who helped me take the next steps in my journey and which inspired me with their stories to overcome my limitations.

I regained my ability to walk, but I did not fully regain my old shape. My legs didn’t work as before.

And I really couldn’t accept this state.

I’m saying this officially for the first time.

Deep inside me, I felt ashamed of having my body damaged.

I lost my confidence.

I did not like showing myself to people in this body. I was not able to give up the image of myself as a sportswoman I had been in the past.

I think I had had this irrational shame in me since childhood and the accident only allowed it to appear in all its glory.

But … the path I chose was associated with a complete transformation of my mindset. I chose the life I wanted to live. I chose to move forward and let go of everything that was blocking me.

I got rid of my financial fears – the worst demons that accompanied me all my life.

And the time came to accept my journey.

I spent a few weeks in a state of increasing disharmony. It was like pulling a rope. Part of me wanted to give up and resign. The other part of me was pushing me forward.

I chose Momentum Day in London with my beloved SFM community as the day of my personal Momentum Day when I would finally deal with this issue once and for all. That was my intention.


Momentum Day for me with my circumstances was like a trip to another planet. 


But I made my decision and I was not going to give up.

Before the event… it squeaked and creaked when I pushed myself from the comfort zone (which was not comfortable at all) through the points of the highest resistance. In the process, the energy and wisdom of the people I chose as my company, kept me on track.

I was stressed and excited about going to this event.

It was so symbolic to me.

My goal was to just show myself to the world and let go of my personal judgment, which so often stopped me from doing what I wanted to do.

It was a symbolic beginning of the New Age.

Transformation of weakness into a strength.

I knew people would be amazing there. It was about my inner resistance, which I had been accumulating my whole life, and which was a result of my incongruity with this world.

This resistance made me choose to hide.

Momentum Day was a difficult and wonderful experience for me. People so open and friendly. Speeches so inspirational and touching. I had my demons with me but I also knew that I was in the right place.

Even if a part of this resistance will still stay with me for some time I’m committed to follow my path anyway. I know it will melt while I take action.

I decided to describe my story because in my darkest moments the stories of people who dealt with their demons inspired and helped me stay on my path. This is me giving back.

I want to transform my story from sad to inspirational. I want it to serve others as a tool for progression and growth. I want it to be supportive and inspirational.

I don’t want it to be wasted.

To use effectively support from outside we need to have support from within. We need to find determination and strong will to change.

And also supporting others will be more effective if we are honest with ourselves and with others.


How Can You Support Yourself?


The answer is simple – just by being your best friend.

  • do not criticize yourself, be forgiving to yourself. If you make a mistake learn from it, try to fix it and then let it go. The feeling of guilt is a very low vibration and does not serve your transformation. Our “mistakes” and “failures” are tools of our development.
  • Feed your mind, body and spirit with the things that serve it according to the principle that you are what you eat!
  • Accept your journey and the situation, remembering that there are always those who have more difficulties than you! In every story, we can find a value.
  •  Appreciate and celebrate your achievements. Even if they are small to the world, only you know how big they are to you.


Where the Real Me Begins?


Honesty towards yourself is connected with the rejection of the mask under which our authentic self is hidden. This means that we have to peel ourselves from the scales and layers like an onion, rejecting all the artificial beliefs, views and programs that are limiting us.

I’m still in this process of peeling off my layers digging deeper and asking „Is it me or something that I accepted as a truth about me?”

And yes, it hurts sometimes. But if you do it in an environment of people who have already travelled there or are still doing it, it’s so much easier!

By surrounding yourself with positive supporting people, you increase your potential for success!

This fact has been scientifically proven. Research has shown that you have a better chance of success by hanging out with people who have already achieved what you want to achieve.


Support of the universe


The fact is that we are not alone and we never go through anything alone.

Sometimes it just seems like we are.

The game of our life is a synchronisation of events and a combination of circumstances that lead us towards the realisation of our spiritual goal. Even if we do not know about it.

Support and guidance of the universe are manifested in people’s stories that we hear, signs that we find on our way. If we actively cooperate with the forces supporting us, our journey will be easier.


Take a look in the mirror


Healthy support can also mean honest objective feedback which can help you grow.

Thanks to this you will be able to identify the beliefs that don’t serve you.

When you struggle with yourself positive support can keep you on track.

The most effective type of support can be offered by people who were in the same place you are now and were able to transform their circumstances and their perspective. Spending time with people who can show you how to overcome challenges on your path can boost your motivation level.


Individuals who are supported in their efforts to transform their lives achieve amazing results.


So remember that you always have a choice, if you lift somebody up or bring somebody down.

Choose conscious knowing that you are responsible for what you bring to this world.


A system of positive support also gives you resources of information related to your goals.


When you have positive support, resources of information, a place where you can learn and grow you are positioned in a perfect place to develop self-motivation and you are well prepared to start your transformative journey.

Sounds too unreal?

I’ve left the best for the end….

This space really exists!

Where can you find it?

Out here.

Thank you for listening to my story. I appreciate it that you have devoted so much time to spend with me!

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