Transformative travel has been recognized as a trend of 2017, replacing the experimental travel. This fact shows how incredible change of consciousness is currently taking place on our planet.

The intention of the transformational travel is to generate change in perception through the observation of the world and self-reflection.

This type of journey is an effective tool for developing consciousness, as individuals removed from their daily well-known comfort zone are confronted by new places, energies, ways of perceiving the world, events that give opportunities to broaden perspective and self-knowledge.

While travelling around the world, we get to know ourselves.

It’s such an effective tool because while travelling we are more here and now. We are aware of what surrounds us at the moment, and we are more set to absorb the world through all of our senses. When we are in a new environment, our senses are more sensitive and our perception is focused on an intense reception of the environment. Being in a familiar environment we tend to operate on an autopilot. We stay in the mind most of the time omitting a lot of information and details around us.

The Transformational Travel Council has identified the factors that make travel a transformative experience:

  • going to a place that is dramatically different from home
  • travelling with an open heart and mind
  • communication with the local people and learning about their culture
  • taking part in challenging physical, cultural and spiritual experiences
  • sharing perspectives about life with others
  • generating time for personal reflection
  • using what you have learned into your own life


Any journey can become a transformative journey, but the right attitude can increase the degree of change in your perception.

Sometimes, some places call us and we feel a magnetic attraction we should follow because there are chains of events and algorithms to download awaiting us that will become an important part of our development.

There are many places of power on Earth that can help us make a leap of consciousness. In addition to the main chakra of the Earth, there are many power places that emanate the transformative energy that support us on our path. Each of us can also discover individual places for ourselves exploration of which will contribute to our progress.

Last year I experienced the most transforming journey of my life.

I went for a family trip to South Wales and Cornwall.

During that trip, I visited the south coast of Wales. I visited a magical place in Tintagel. In a cave hiding secret of the past supposedly the wizard Merlin lived. Everything seems to be magical there and it has become one of my favourite places on Earth.

I also visited Glastonbury, a place that is the legendary Avalon and lies in the Heart Chakra of the Earth. The energy of that place is mind-blowing! I had a feeling of being in a parallel reality governed by different laws.

In the streets, you can meet people dressed up as characters in fairy tales. Women of all ages dressed as fairies or water nymphs wearing flower coronets in their hair and long, airy and colourful dresses. Men in hats and amazing costumes, colourful buildings and magical nooks. Stores named Enlightenment, Ying Yang, Excalibur etc. Everywhere the theme is magical, developmental and alternative.



I climbed the Tor hill, which according to many sources emanates the energy of love, accelerating the process of transformation. At the foot of the hill was supposedly an entrance to the mythical Avalon, the Celtic land of happiness.

It’s a place where every change is possible and the boundaries between the physical and non-physical world are extremely thin.

Glastonbury itself lies at the intersection of Mary’s and Archangel Michael power lines. The lines intersect precisely in the Tower of the Archangel Michael on Tor Hill. Tor symbolizes the combination of heaven and earth. It’s a link between dimensions.

In the light of the setting Sun, I visited the Glastonbury Abbey, where King Arthur was supposedly buried. It’s characterised by an unusual, mystical atmosphere.



There was such a condensation of magic in that journey that I was literally overwhelmed.

On the way home, I was feeling the euphoria and bliss of my opening heart.

During that trip, I discovered that I was a traveller.

I wasn’t aware of that whole my life.

I wanted to go on travelling not to go back to my old life. I wanted every day to be different. I wanted to experience the diversity of the Earth and have incredible adventures.

But my life looked very different…

Upon my return, I experienced an extremely difficult time. I could not find myself in everyday life and the routine of it.

My heart was still travelling.



I felt inner despair having to waste time doing the same things in the same places over and over again while the whole world was waiting to be discovered.

Freedom, diversity and adventure – it was the calling of my soul.

The frustration I experienced at that time became my call to action. I made a decision to do anything to create a lifestyle that would allow me to be a traveller.

Shortly after that, a community which was also an educational platform appeared in my life and it became the answer to my loudest question – what can I do to become a traveller not tied to a place of residence?

During that self-discovery process, I defined my niche, which is transformative travel. My passion finds its reference in my transformational journey with SFM, which is a pathway to a radical change of consciousness and becoming empowered by following your heart and actively changing the world to a better place.

Have you ever experienced a transformative trip? I would like to invite you to share with me your experiences and reflections.

Thank for your time!

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