Do you know this deep desire to create something outstanding but you simply don’t have any good idea, any vision, any flow… You’re just sitting in front of white, empty sheet of paper listening to the silence in your head?

During my process of self-discovery, I have been struggling with the creativity crisis. I have gathered some of the best ways to deal with the lack of creativity and to awaken a creativity beast.

I believe that creation is the greatest human calling in life but it is a challenge at the same time.
Each person is inherently a creator only creativity can be blocked because…. let’s be honest; the system we live in kills creativity.

The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity. Creativity includes imagination, growth, abstract thinking, and also making “mistakes”, but above all, it’s great fun. To be able to enjoy it we need to let go of our inner critic.

In the past creativity was considered to be innate, but it is now believed that creativity is a skill that can be developed.

Most people spend their lives in a box doing the same things in the same environment. Such conditions make our creative mind fall into a deep sleep due to the lack of stimulation and inspiration. The brain enters the autopilot mode.



How to unleash your inner creator?

1. Experience something new on a regular basis; go to a new place or environment to look for inspiration and developmental stimulation. The sense of this is to get in touch with your reactions, to experience yourself in contact with the world.

2. Be physically active. There is knowledge hidden inside of us, which we can access through our body. When we engage the body and consciousness simultaneously, we gain access to the hidden information.

3. Travel into the unknown. Exploring new places and cultures is a source of great inspiration. Getting to know yourself and the world through travelling is a tool for deep transformation of perception. Adventures that we have can become seeds of great projects.

4. Share stories with other adventurous souls. Sharing adventures and life experiences open us to a different way of perception, encourages us and, of course, inspires us.

5. Spend time in solitude. Being alone with yourself from time to time can enable us to hear our inner voices more clearly. It works best in nature, in our natural environment which will ground and balance us.

6. Get up at dawn and work in your pyjamas. The brain during the REM sleep phase is at the peak of its greatest creative ability. It is still active for some time after waking up.

In my opinion, these are the most powerful ways to wake up a creator inside of you.



I have collected some more tricks that may be useful for you:

– Do not stick to the routine too much; do things differently from time to time. This is something I have to remind myself of too. It is not a problem for me to develop a consistent routine so I have to remember to break it.

– Remember about joy and having fun because it keeps your brain creative. My 5-year-old daughter reminds me about it all the time!

– Carry a pen and some paper with you. Interesting ideas come to us in the most unexpected moments. If we do not write them down, they will most often disappear and never come back again. It is important to make notes by hand, not on electrical devices since handwriting involves more areas of the brain than typing.

– Listen to music in the background. Creative thinking can be stimulated by listening to music on low volume. It works much more effectively than loud music or total silence. My creativity session is listening to music lying down with eyes closed, letting my mind drift where it wants. I get many great ideas that way.

– Write down the stream of your consciousness in the morning. It can remove blockages, show us our inner selves, help us to know ourselves and look deeper within.

– Change words into images while reading. This exercise stimulates imagination and develops a creative mind.

Sometimes the lack of creativity happens to us after a period of intense work. This is the time needed to reset our systems, to process and organise the data, make room for new ideas. You should not force yourself to work but allow this natural state of regeneration. To prevent it from influencing our work, it is worth having a few spare ideas that can be used.

Thank you for your attention and I wish you incredible projects and ideas and the pure joy of creation!

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