Imagine such a scene:
You invite your demons (fears) to tea. Baring their teeth and roaring ominously they take seats at the table surprised by the whole situation. You, with a tight stomach, pour tea into the cups and treat them with biscuits. You look at them with curiosity and start talking. Suddenly you start to notice that they are beginning to fade and shrink. With a smile, you say: “You are not so scary after all…”

Tara Brach, a spiritual teacher has come across an idea of a spiritual practice called “Inviting Mara to tea”. One of Buddha’s stories tells us that the night before achieving Enlightenment he met a demon Mara, who wanted to distract him from awakening.

Tara Brach suggests that he should have said “I see you Mara” instead of ignoring or resisting him. He could have offered Mara some tea and open his heart with acceptance and compassion.

We want to get rid of our fears so we resist them.

An alternative approach is to invite your demons to tea!

We can then carefully look at them and listen to what they have to say. Investigate what creates their source. What really stands behind them?

When we recognise our fear and face it, it begins to dissolve.

Demons lose their power when they are realised.

We live in a world that has developed an anxiety culture anchored in the paradigm of competition. This is why we are full of fear and at the same time, we are taught to hide this fear from ourselves and from others.

We pretend it doesn’t exist.

Fear treated in this way grows to enormous proportions making threatening faces at us from a distance at which we hold him.

Many people refuse facing something unpleasant, they don’t want to look at the monster, they cover it with a blanket and stick it in the closet.

Instead, it is better to face it and analyse it.
Naming it and trying to observe as many details as possible deprive it of its power.


Awareness is the key.

Throwing the light of consciousness at our monster, boldly looking into its eyes and acting despite its presence will make us unstoppable.

There is only one way to get rid of fear – act here and now!

It is action, despite our fears and insecurities that make us gain self-confidence and energy for further action.

In the world we live in, adults are not supposed to be afraid, but the truth is that everyone has some more or less realised fears.

By talking about your demons and ways of taming them we can support and inspire others to make tea with their demons!

When everyone hides their fear of the world, you think that you are alone.

Support others by sharing your true story. You can do it in the comment section below or maybe just by talking to people around you.

Is there anything holding you back from achieving abundance and fulfilment in your life?

If so, it’s time to make a cup of tea…