This mysterious title refers to the materialization of things in our life that seem to be impossible to achieve because of the fears, beliefs and programs limiting us.


However, every creature at some point in their journey comes to the realization that they are the creators of their own life and this awareness opens the door to magical lands.


In order to become a conscious creator, one should get acquainted with a few basic laws governing the universe.


All people in the world have the power to create their own reality, but only some of them use it consciously.


Most people are not aware of their great abilities, use their power unconsciously and give it away to others.


My first contact with the law of attraction took place a few years ago when I came across the film “The Secret.”


Fascinated by the idea of interactive reality, I began to follow the instructions given in the film, but after a while, my enthusiasm turned into disappointment as I did not get any expected results.

First of all, I was not ready yet.

Secondly, I did not know that the recipe for materialization in the “Secret” is not complete.

Starting Point

Every beginning wizard has to ask themselves a question;

“Where do I stand?”

“What am I missing?”

“What do I hear the calling for?”

When we know exactly where we are, we can start to consciously shape the reality according to our needs.

The Key point

The factor determining occurrence of creation is coherence on all levels.

To activate the law of attraction in a conscious way, visualisation is not enough. It is only one of the elements of the law of the universe responsible for the realization of desires. E.g; desire must be consistent with the will of the soul. Sometimes cravings of men and their own souls can be conflicting if the person is motivated by mind programs, not the heart.

Do not swim against the current which life carries you with.

The starting point of conscious creation is taking full responsibility for your life and your choices. When we seek guilt in the outside world, we give our power to others. We will not be able to create anything consciously.

Taking full responsibility for yourself is the point where the conscious creator is born.


What a beginning creator should know about:


1. Your heart is your compass – follow what is your passion; it is the voice of your soul guiding you.

2. Energy follows attention – so it is important to focus on what you want and not what you do not want. Initially, this can be difficult because the mind is programmed to stick to problems but practice makes perfect.

3. The power of feeling combined with visualization emits a powerful frequency sent to the universe. It will come back to real life.

4. Similar attracts similar, says the law of vibration. You have to tune vibration to what you want to receive. You can do it by having a clear vision of what you want to receive and feeling like you already have it.

5. Being here and now – in this state the senses sharpen, attention is increased. You can perceive more, you liberate yourself from the patterns and judgements of the mind.

6. Appreciation and gratitude generate the feeling of wealth and abundance which is a magnet for receiving more of what you desire. Complaining goes hand in hand with the poverty mindset and takes you further from your dreams.

7. Cause and effect. What you give and what you send to the world always comes back to you. You shouldn’t judge the lives and behaviours of other people because you don’t possess full information about their the life paths and the stage at which they are.

8. Out of comfort zone. Everything you want is located outside of your comfort zone – which you may already know. Staying in it you will not make your dreams come true. Outside your comfort zone, there are adventures and wonders that you can’t even imagine right now.

9. Reactions and words can also shape reality. It’s better to manage them consciously and look for positives in everything that happens to us. Even when you cannot change certain circumstances, you can change your reaction to them. Language patterns create your reality and give birth to your experiences through your relationships with the world around you.

Methods of cooperation with the universe:

visualization – always visualize the final effect, believe that the right path will develop in front of you
quantum questions – when asking you to move energies that can provide you with answers and circumstances to best realize your desire. Ask the right question. Please, do not ask “What’s wrong with me?”!

reprogramming of subconscious – for example, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, music with subconscious reprogramming codes, etc.

work with consciousness – choose the methods that resonate with you. They can be different types of visualization exercises, sessions with a personal development trainer, meditation etc.

hygiene of the mind – it is important to nurture and purify your mind, develop a feeling of peace. A clean and clear mind is a powerful tool.

The last three factors in our recipe for materialization, which are like spices in a dish – they determine the taste and the quality of the food!


action – you need to help the universe to help you and take action in the material world which will bring you closer to your goals. You can create all the excuses in the world as to why you can’t do something or you can start to let go of them and begin taking ACTION. What steps can you start taking towards your dream?

opening up to the possibilities – you should dream big and you should not limit your potential. You need to remember that sometimes even negative events can bring great opportunities in the long term.

trust – it is necessary to learn how to let ourselves be led and develop the ability to surrender to the higher self’s guide

self-love – when you love yourself unconditionally you allow yourself to get the best.


Knowing the basic laws governing the universe, you are able to consciously play with reality, which is your playground for growth. Being in the position of a conscious creator, instead of a helpless victim of the system, you are able to find the gates to the magical land that really becomes life when we start waking up.


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